Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Valley View in Winter

Here, on the West Coast , we enjoy soggy, mild winters
and very little snow....

...but we have a delightful  front row view of snowy winter
 on the mountain ranges.

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  1. Mountain ranges are the best places to have snow, LOL. I'm in the Shuswaps, and we have too much snow this year. Well, in my opinion...

  2. What beautiful views and photography. we have been with snow and FOG and cold for several weeks now. Waiting for the sun to poke through some day soon.

  3. I love mountain views with snow! You are so lucky to see them.

  4. Beautiful view of the valley and mountain. We drove up a mountain there once, a hill really, and I took pics of the view from it. These almost look like the same view but I forget the name of the mountain. Sardis maybe??

  5. There is beauty surrounding most all the area you live in. Nice sights.

  6. Oh yes your area is so lovely with those snowcapped mountains. However, it really looks so cold and not very friendly, that is from someone only familiar with the very active and dynamic landscape in the tropics, who hasn't experienced any winter yet. But I've always looked at snowcaps from the distance, and feel their majestic presence.

  7. Wish I could wake up to that view everyday. Gorgeous!

  8. Wondrous view and photos ~ great post ~ looks familiar for some reason.

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  9. Your pictures truly are lovely! I am stopping by from the Blog Party.

    But no snow in winter? Those mountains are just lovely!!

  10. Such a beautiful area and great


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