Saturday, 5 January 2013

Frosted Tracks

A thick layer of frost
decorates these tracks
one fine winter morning...



  1. Rail road tracks are one of those things, that just make great photos.

  2. Nice photo. I like pics of railway tracks and there really aren't many here in NB now. There is a line from Halifax, through Moncton and up to the north shore on to Quebec and west but none in the rest of the province. The main line is now part of the Trans Canada Trail which is nice to walk on but would take forever to get to BC. :)

  3. I have viewed a scene like this about a million times....I walked a railroad to and from school from 1st grade through grade 12. Well, at least most of the way through grade 8, then when I went to highschool, I caught the bus at the end of the walk down the railroad.


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