Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Garden - Snowberries

The snowberry (shrub) adds interest
to the winter garden...
...however the waxy berries are poisonous.

This Daylily looks like it is going to burst into bloom... does not appear to know that it is winter.....: )


  1. I love the first picture with the blue as the background for the berries...very pretty!

  2. I remember our neighbour had a snowberrie bush and we used to pop the berries with our shoes. I can't believe your daylily is trying to bloom in January! Incredible. I wonder if it will open up or if the frost might get it.

  3. The snowberry is very pretty against the blue background. I've never heard of that bush.

  4. Great pictures, Nell! Amazing that you actually have flowers that are ready to bloom. Hard for us here in Southern Alberta to comprehend.

  5. Wow, this are beautiful pics! never seen that white snowberrie!


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