Friday, 24 May 2013

Tractor View

Taken a few weeks ago,
I grabbed my camera
and shot a quick photo out of the car window... the tractor lined up
with Mt. Cheam in the background.
Of course, I didn't notice
the beautiful telephone line in the center of the photo.  : )
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Well, I didn't notice it either Nell, until you mentioned it. :-) They are hard to avoid but with scenery like that one can easily not see them. Beautiful photos! Have a super weekend. Pam

  2. Great shot! I love the whole composition. I used to always get a telephone pole in the middle--and now I just clone it out with photoscape! Hubby still teases me about poles!

  3. It's such a great scenery Nell!

    Sincerest greetings from the Netherlands,

  4. Beautiful view - and a sure sign of Spring to see the fields being plowed! xx


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