Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Canadian Geese

The Canadian geese have the entire beach to themselves...

..which they grudgingly share it with me... long as I do not get too close.   : )

Do you see the one on the dock?

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  1. First one to post on Friday, how odd? I love your pictures of the Canadian Geese. Nice job!
    JM Illinois

  2. Did you have to watch where you were walking on the beach? :) Great pictures and nice to look at but, they are so dirty aren't they? Enjoy the day.

  3. Beautiful pictures Nell. I have some of your little guys hanging out here at my house in Olympia, Washington. We live on a lake and they love to take their naps on our grass . . .at least until the dogs notice them and chase them away! We love birds and especially the sound of the geese as they do their fly overs! Blessings to you, Patti


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