Monday, 27 May 2013

Barn- Quick Stop

I wanted to take a photo of this barn each time I drove by...
It has rustic charm
and appears more dilapidated each time
I see it... this morning I took a few really quick shots
through the side window with my point and shoot...

...because the road is a busy one
and, as you can see in the mirror,
more traffic is coming.
Hurry, quick!
: )
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  1. Nice shots..I always love the grey weathered look.

  2. You did a great job! I know how hard these drive by shots can be! Twyla

  3. I love gray, mossy siding, but the roof looks fairly new, so maybe she has a few more good years left! So much character! xx

  4. I love the weathered old barns. This is a large one! Nice captures.

  5. Like the angle of the last the weathered wood n rusty roof!

  6. Very nice barn shots Nell. It looks well used in the past and I see a new ladder and old hay inside. I like the last shot.

  7. in the 1st shot is that smoke or a ghost? nice views. ( :

  8. Such is the life of a Barn Charmer.....!


  9. I am wondering if that old barn is still a working barn. Upon closer inspection it appears to be falling apart. I always wonder why the owner of the land lets that happen. Barns are wonderful! EVEN when they are falling apart!
    Wonderful photo's.

  10. It was a great barn in it's heyday, still one now, too. Love it =)


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