Saturday, 1 February 2014

Mountain Snow

We are back to winter.....

and a couple of days ago
the snow is creeping down the mountainside,
although we are snow free in the valley below. 
(These pictures were taken with my point and shoot
and quality is definitely lacking.)
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  1. I enjoyed reading and watching your posts from last week Nell. Wish we had some snow around here... :-)

    Hope you'll have a great Sunday

  2. This way you can enjoy the beauty of the snow from a distance.

  3. This is one heck of a Winter, I do declare!...:)JP

  4. At least you had your point and shoot with you...I need to splurge and get a good little one...

  5. The scenery is really beautiful, Nell. I love how the snow 'creeps' down the mountain. Have a really good week!

  6. This winter has been something else. Beautiful mountain shots.

  7. Lovely scenery, Nell - the creeping snow is beautiful. Nothing left to do but try and enjoy....the colors are so soft. Hugs xo Karen


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