Friday, 28 February 2014

.....Some More of the Snow

(Pink Dawn Viburnum)
We only have some patches of snow
left from last weekend's snowstorm...
but here are a few more photos taken of this snowy event.

(Swinging birdhouse)

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  1. Although I am so tired of cold and snow that I could scream, I have to admit it makes for some of the most beautiful scenes. And even though I am this tired of snow, if we get snow this weekend as they are saying, I will still get a thrill just watching it.

    Re your question about what I did with ginseng. Back then you could dig it all the time it was growing, so mom and I would go sometimes on a Sunday afternoon. If we found 30 or 40 bunches we were doing good. We would bring it home, wash it, and spread it out to dry. We would do that every chance we got, then after it had all dried as much as it was going to dry, we shipped it off to this place and sold it. I think only one time in my life did we have a pound by the end of fall.

  2. Lovely photos Nell. I like the one of the view of the fields. I hope you get some sunshine on the weekend.

  3. Nell, I really like the swinging bird house...I may add a few here...the wrens would love them!...:)JP

  4. Your snow pictures are so pretty. How beautiful the Viburnum with the snow as a background!

  5. I love how you captured the birdhouse! makes me wanna go make some hot cocoa!

  6. Snow photos look fantastic to me, but then of course we never see any snow around here. The first shot is definitely my favourite. It's a lovely photo.

  7. Oh I love the pink Viburnum Nell! Our snow is all gone for now.


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