Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dusty Outflow Winds

Today the artic outflow winds
are bringing cold, dry air
to the valley below...

...and creating a bit of a dust storm...

...in the open fields.
Thank you for visiting my blog and stay warm!
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  1. Wow! A dust storm in winter! Great capture! -We are also getting the cold winds coming through the Cascade mountain passes from the Yukon. I wouldn't want to be in that field right now! xo Karen

  2. It must be very dry to have the dust blow around like that.

  3. That is an interesting weather phenomenon. How cold would it be during these events, Nell?

    1. The Temperature was about -3 C with the wind chill around - 10 C which is colder than normal for us.

  4. Every time I visit your blog, I always wish I could visit the area...these photos appeal to me so much.


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