Monday, 24 February 2014

Winter Storm

It has definitely been wintry here
the last few days...

We don't often have snow here
as we are so close to the coast...

...but the snow and wind is making up for it today.
Notice the pink blossoms of the winter blooming
 Pink Dawn Virburnum!  :  )
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  1. Wow, it's really blowing! Stay toasty!

  2. I hear a lot about Viburnam and always forget to see if it would do well here...beautiful hint of pink!...:)JP

  3. What a beautiful viburnum against the backdrop of the snow. I just love that picture. I think it's frame worthy, for sure.

  4. You sure did get more snow! I really looks pretty but I hope those pink blossoms don't get frost bitten. Are they a hardy plant?

  5. How pretty! The pink blossoms are wonderful blooming in the snow. xo

  6. I love seeing the pink blossoms peaking through all the white, it's a little timid and is not quite sure if it is time to come out...just want to peek a little...thanks for sharing the bit of pink in the world of white and cold...

  7. The pink viburnum looks so pretty against the snow.


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