Thursday, 30 January 2014

Row Boat

Taken a few days ago,
 before the clouds returned to bring an end to
 our balmy, spring like weather...

...this scene draws my eye every time I pass by..
...The rowboat is full of water but still looks serviceable...
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  1. That is a lovely barn! It looks like it would make a beautiful home! Or at least a quilt studio.

  2. Did you say balmy spring-like weather? It's not fair!

    1. It was balmy, but has returned to normal temperatures for us, which is probably still balmy for other parts of Canada.

  3. I love the first scene.It looks so idyllic.

  4. That is a nice barn. I love the red paint. The old boat in the pond is a bonus to the landscape.

  5. What a neat find! I really like the barn.

    Glad you have nice temperatures, even if they are balmy. We are very much looking for an end to the long winter we have had so far.

  6. Hope it can be rescued. Beautiful barn. Nice shots.


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