Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cloud Cap Mountain

We often travel the Yellowhead highway to Alberta,
...and one of the highlights of the trip is Mt. Robson,
the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies,
and the second highest in BC,
(after Mt. Waddington).

On a clear day, as you drive around a curve on highway 16,
the mountain jumps up at you and
dominates the view,
taking your breath away.

The summit is often obscured in clouds,
and is famous for its terrible weather conditions
for those attempting to climb to the summit..
(there is only a 10% summit rate)
Hence the nickname Cloud Cap Mountain.


  1. I cannot imagine climbing to the summit...even in my younger days. Gorgeous weather.

  2. That is a beautiful mountain. And no, I can't imagine climbing it either. Ever. It's nice that you had such a clear day to view it.

  3. We've driven that highway twice, many years ago. But I still remember the sight of Mt. robson as you come toward it.


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