Friday, 8 March 2013

Sunny Days

The weatherman
promised us a few sunny days... :  )
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  1. We have having a sunny day today too. YAY!!!
    Lovely shot. MB

  2. I hope you can believe him. After 2 promised days of sun that were cloudy and cool we finally saw the sun today. It's been over a week! Now if this northeast gale would only die down it would be really warm. Enjoy your sunshiney days.

  3. And he's promised us a few rainy ones! :) Did all of you wish your rain to us in Texas like I was begging you to? heres a Texas sized THANKS!!

  4. Oh that is so beautiful I would love to see that right in front of me. Thank you for sharing. B

  5. Wonderful view! Hope you get your sunny days.

  6. Today was lovely here in S.C. The prettiest we've had in a while. Have a blessed day!


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