Saturday, 9 March 2013

Steller's Jay

As I was enjoying the Pussy Willows...
I suddenly noticed two Steller's Jays quietly posing for me...
Usually they fuss at you if you come too close...

...but this pair was quietly, patiently watching
as I took a photograph of one...

...and then the other.
Maybe they were really tired.
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  1. beautiful bird... love your header too!

  2. wow, great captures♫ Blue on blue really works♥ My Top Shot:

  3. What beautiful birds. We have a Jay in our simply named a Blue Jay and it is a beautiful bird, as well. I was just out in my yard and noticed so many birds about. There were doves, sparrows, Carolina Wrens and a couple of pairs of beautiful red Cardinals. There was also a pair of Blue Birds. There are several cats in our neighborhood. I love cats, mind you, but they watch for my husband to feed our birds every day and wait to pounce upon them. Between the cats and a Hawk, they ran all of the birds off last summer, even the Crows stopped coming. Any ideas on keeping the predators away without harming them?

  4. Sometimes birds are just not afraid, and will pose perfectly. Great shots.

  5. Super pics Nell. We don't have these Stellars Jays here. They are a pretty blue.

  6. You are so lucky they posed for you! We have Blue Jays here.

  7. I have never seen those before...nor have I even heard of them! They are really pretty, aren't they?

  8. You really are into those pussy willows, I see you made a new header of them lol. Very pretty.

  9. We have Stellars Jays around here too, love their flash of blue... I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #73!


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