Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fresh Snow and Chilly

It is still winter on the high ridges of the coastal mountains....

...where fresh snow has accumulated in the last few days...
and although the valleys are green
and we briefly hear the robins sing in the morning hours..
the ocean breezes still
feel bone numbing chilly.


  1. I hate being chilled to the bone!

  2. it does look cold. I don't care for damp cold as it goes right through me and with the wind it's worse. So looking forward to warmer weather aren't you?

  3. While looking at these wonderful pictures of Canadian mountains, I am eating an entire package of sugar wafers that say, "Made In Canada". They go so well together. :)

  4. Beautiful photo's! We have fresh snow too here in Missouri! I am ready for spring to come back! :)

  5. Oh these are beautiful I LOVE the views of the mountains. It is snowy and cold here in my part of Ontario. Spring is coming. B


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