Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pink Delight

In the next week or so the trees buds will leaf out... 

...and brighten the world with their vivid greens...
...but for now
I will enjoy the gorgeous blossoms on my peach tree!  :  )


  1. Oh wow! That peach tree blossom is so pretty. It's freezing cold here today. April is such a fickle month isn't it? Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh yeah!! The blossoms are just unfurling around here--beauty abounds. MY Willow down by the pond is just starting to lead out making for a greenish glow. Pretty. MB

  3. The peach blossom is beautiful. It's still too cold here for any budding trees.

  4. A fine series anticipating the arrival of blossoms and more beauty each day. Well done.

  5. Nothing like blossoms on fruit trees...pretty!


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