Saturday, 3 May 2014

Spring On the Slopes

Spring is slowly creeping up the mountainside...

.... the vibrant green leaves...

... appearing higher and higher
on the slopes ... is so wonderful
to be able to take a moment
to enjoy
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  1. Looks good. Enjoy this day and all the beauty of spring.

  2. It really looks beautiful Nell. I love all the many shades of green in the spring. The poplars are just starting to grow their "fuzzes" here so the green will soon be starting. Have a beautiful week.

  3. Lovely to watch spring creep up the mountainside. Here the leaves are just beginning to open up.

  4. Nell, there is something about GREEN that does our hearts good!...:)JP

  5. Beautiful scenes of the greening slopes! And I scrolled down to see your pretty gardens, too. So glad it is May! xo Karen

  6. I bet you are like us and really glad to see spring!


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