Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Garden - In the Shade

My shade garden ... on the north side of the house.  
It's subtle beauty,
with plants like the native Bleeding Heart,
Hostas, Saxifraga....

and the delicate"forget me not" like flowers
of Brunnera,
enables me to smile
every time I walk by.
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  1. Your shade garden looks lovely Nell. It's so nice to see the pretty blooms starting isn't it? Have a lovely weekend. Pam

  2. I'd be smiling every time I even thought of it. So much fun to watch stuff come back to life.

  3. I love forget me knots...such a whimsical little flower in the reminded me that I need to make a note to throw out some seeds to enjoy those next year. Thank you for joining in the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! Can't wait to see you again this Thursday! xoxo, tracie


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