Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Watery Party

We have had a lot of moisture recently.....
....but the Trumpeter swans
seem to love the puddles...

.....and the party!   : )

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  1. Beautiful photos Nell! I often wonder if these birds and geese as well, ever get cold feet.

  2. Not only have you had a lot of have a lot of Trumpeter Swans too. It must be quite a sight to see so many in one place!

  3. Just like kids and mud puddles. :)
    Lovely shots Nell!

  4. How cools, looks like they could take a mud bath. Great shots! Happy WW!

  5. There's a bunch of em, isn't there & they're always invited to this water party! Thanks for joining =)

  6. First, I thought that they are geese but I read about the swans. Of course, they are swans. Very graceful and very beautiful!!!

    And there are so many of them! Absolutely fantastic pictures you took of these beautiful birds!!!

  7. I always did enjoy listening to the Trumpeters in the fields. Nice captures!


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