Monday, 10 December 2012

Barn - Dairy on Campbell

... I snapped this photo (above) of the moody sky
 last week,
 and on the right of the photo is ...

...the same farm I photographed in October
on a beautiful clear day...

...I was amused by all the round bales...
and realized that there is still quite the stack of bales
on the latest photo ( top)...

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  1. That really is a large operation! It looks like a beautifully maintained farm! Holiday hugs to you, my friend!

  2. The first photo with the moody sky came out so terrific. The sky, clouds and the mountains are so beautiful. And the barns are so wonderful!

    How different can look the same farm on a cloudy day and on a clear sunny day.

    All photographs are very beautiful and I like them very, very much!

  3. Look at all those hay bales. Don't they look like giant ice cubes! :-0

  4. i always wonder does the plastic wrapping really keep the hay bale more fresh or what? great barn ... the whole farm is very busy. love that!! ( :

  5. I like seeing the barn photos taken at different times. The sky in the first photo is magical.

  6. That's a lot of hay bales. They look like big marshmallows!

  7. Great barn shots. I also enjoy seeing things in the different seasons. I wonder if they sell the hay bales or if they use them on that farm. Have a great week!

  8. That's a huge operation. Love the moody sky in the first photo!

  9. That first shot is quiet dramatic!
    I wonder about the bales. Completely wrapped like that they are sometimes used to make silage for feed.
    Wonderful comparison shots!

  10. holy smokes, that's a lot of hay! i like the comparisons in different weather :)

  11. Looks like they're stock-piling marshmallows, doesn't it! LoL!
    Beautiful & dramatic sky!

    Thank you for joining in & linking up to this week's Barn Charm =)

  12. The clouds with the sun peering through and the mountains behind the barn made this a wow moment...nice!

  13. The grayness of the top photo is really quite elegant. Love it.

  14. Quite a dramatic backdrop in that first photo. It's always nice to see a scene at different times of the year.

  15. YiKeS, that's a big place, beautiful in all the images!!

    lovin' those marshmallows!!


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