Saturday, 5 August 2017

Smoky Skies


Because of all the fires raging in BC,
we have been enveloped in smoky skies
which have been veiling the hot sun,
 giving a sense of eeriness. 
Here the early morning sun attempts to brighten our day.


  1. Well, where have you been for a year and a half!? In the meantime our daughter has moved out to Abbotsford, and we've visited a couple of times. Hope you're not affected by the fires.

  2. Other then the smell of smoke and darkened sun, and curtailing our outside activities, it has not affected us in the same way as so many others in BC, including those who have lost their homes. I've have just been enjoying a break from blogging.

  3. So, so glad to see these posts of yours! I have been on a blog break and just started again...not sure how long I will keep it up, but going to go through your posts to see what I can see!


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