Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bear Audience

A young black bear sat down, doglike,
and watched us while we watched him
from the safety of the our back deck...
...in mutual admiration.


Until he had enough,
and wandered to the back of our property..

...with a back ward glance
 over his shoulder


  1. He is a good looking animal,but I don't think I would want him that close to the house.

  2. Fun to watch from a safe spot, and fortunately he ambled away on his own. We haven't had any bears in our yard, but they have been spotted just over the hill from us. I imagine they've all holed up for the winter now as we've had snow on the ground since early in the month.

  3. Now that is a wonderful sighting, for both of you.

  4. Maybe he was having a last look before he goes to sleep for the winter. xo Laura


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