Friday, 25 April 2014

Moody or What....

The last few days have been fairly wet..
and the sky looked downright moody at times...

... and we had some heavy downpours.
However the forecast for next week looks wonderful..
 ...summerlike temperatures!
I cropped the photos to enhance the mood.
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  1. Although the pictures are effective in creating and conveying a mood,☁️ I look forward to next weeks pictures! ☀️

  2. Very beautiful! I love dark skies just before thunder storms. The second photo reminds me of the afternoon thunder storms we get here in summer.

  3. I like the second photo with the lighter clouds hanging over the valley. I'm glad you will have nicer weather next week. We are getting some sunny breaks this afternoon after a couple of gloomy days. Have wonderful weekend.

  4. I like the atmosphere of these photos, but the warmer weather sounds a lot better!

  5. Hmmmm, maybe the rain moving this way is why I feel tired but the tree pollen will diminish, I eyes are burning!!!!...:)JP

  6. Well I love your moody view. Hug B

  7. Love those moody skies! Beautiful no matter what the weather. xo Karen


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