Friday, 20 December 2013

Snowfall Warning

We do not get a lot of snow in the winter...

..but this morning we woke up to this...

...snow fall warning...
What a beautiful world!
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  1. Wow! Hope you get to stay home today with a warm cup of cocoa.

  2. Oh It is beautiful I love the snow. We are getting days of freezing rain to cover all our snow I am sure it will be beautiful to photograph but now be out in. B

  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful view! I love snow at Christmas!!! Doesn't look likely here this year. Maybe in January....

  4. Nell, these are beautiful...just beautiful!!!!...:)JP

  5. So beautiful and peaceful. We had snow, too, but now it is gone :( Stay cozy! xo Karen

  6. I love it when it is new, but hate it when it starts to get dirty!

  7. I see I have done commented on caught my eye on todays post...I still love the shots as much as I did the first time around. Such a magical feeling looking at these views.


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