Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Garden - In Between the Raindrops

Between the raindrops,
I am enjoying the colour
still showing in my garden,
in the middle of November...

...Poker plant (or Torch Lily) and Coreopsis...

..and I forgot the name of this one.
...the rewards of summers labour.
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  1. Is it really that nice still out there!? We've got snow and sub-zero temperatures!

  2. The leaves are quickly falling and it's becoming a bit drab looking here. So, these beautiful flowers are a welcome sight! Our flowers are gone after the heavy frost. I'm amazed that you still have flowers being so much further north!

  3. Love the colours! We also have no flowers left here! Have had snow and cold temperatures three weekends in a row.

  4. We have nothing left...these are lovely.

  5. Wow, those are beautiful autumn blooms Nell. How nice to still see colour in the garden.


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