Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Barn - More Images

More images of last week's barn...
(seen here and here )

...fascinating to see how the cupola
is hanging at this interesting angle.

Linked to more barns at


  1. It is like it is folding in on itself. Great captures...and the cupola looks kind of funny for sure at that angle.

  2. Once upon a time.... It was a great barn. It still has interesting details which you captured so beautifully. And the cupola is really fascinating and hanging there. I love your pictures very much and I love how you saw this old and ruined beauty!

  3. Oh, if only it could speak and tell us tales of where it's been...

  4. Oh, poor thing. It's done it duty, now it's time to fold up. Nice shot of the cupola!

  5. How sad for this barn but it's almost an artwork with the cupola hanging on sideways. Great pics!


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